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Do you remember what happened on your wedding day?

The Anniversary Almanac is the perfect anniversary gift for anyone!  It reveals events and stories that happened on the day you were married, the anniversary you are celebrating as well as how many days you have shared.  Within the almanac are references to such things as Top News Stories, Headlines for the entire year, and the Best Movie/Actor.  The almanac goes into detail touching on all aspects of life and events, from your special day.  As an extra special bonus, it includes anniversaries remembered, taking you back through your life together.  Each Anniversary Almanac is high quality laser printed, and custom made, presented in a full 8 1/2" x 11" frame size.  They will never smudge nor smear! 

The Anniversary Almanac is a great gift for you, your spouse or any other loved one, a treasured keepsake forever. You can't get a better gift at a better price of only $9.00! Ordering is easy, select a background and fill in the required fields below.... that's it. Almanac's are shipped to you or directly to your loved one!

For those not yet married we can create an anniversary almanac using the date when you and your loved one started your life together. All you need to do is add the ladies first and last name to the bride's first name box, put the man's last name in the last name box and the date you began your lives together in the wedding date box.



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Why only up to 2008?


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Why only up to 2008?

The Anniversary Almanac is an "anniversary" program and NOT a wedding program.  The printout displays the wedding date and THREE subsequent anniversaries.  If one allowed the year 2009 for the wedding date, then the first anniversary date would be 2010, the second would be 2011, and the third would be 2012, most of which has not even happened yet.  Most of the page would be blank!  See our predicament?

The Anniversary Almanac requires that the couple be together at least FOUR years.  Hopefully this makes sense. 
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